We are a team of licensed teachers and curriculum designers dedicated to helping students prepare for entrance tests and enhance their academic and study skills. 
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PSAT/NMSQT® prep - 100% success rate for admission to Academy of Science 

SAT® prep class- boosts your score 200-400 range; get accepted into middle school summer camps by top universities; have an edge over other TJ applicants; get a high achievement award from John Hopkins; More. 

TJHSST - 95% success rate
What sets us apart from others?
 Our instruction is based on the identified needs of your child. Some students require shorter/longer preparation than others. We don't have a set curriculum.
data driven instruction
monitoring of your child's progress
summer camp guidellines

"We modify our instruction based on the assessment data of each child."

Why are we unique?

  • Differentiated and individualized instruction

  • Research-based strategies based on student's learning styles

  • Experienced and highly qualified teachers
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low teacher-student ratio
flexible scheduling
ongoing classes throughout the year

Be a National Merit Scholar; PSAT/NMSQT® as entrance to TJHSST and Academy of Science
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Score high and get into the college and university of your dreams.

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 Entrance test to Academy of Science 
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Test Prep for use with PSAT/NMSQT®
Test Prep for use with New SAT®

Academy of Science
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8200 Greensboro Drive, Suite 900, McLean VA 22102   Telephone: (703) 839-8141   
Phone: (703) 839-8141

Admissions to TJHSST in Sophomore & Junior years. Learn more
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2019 class: 
32 out of 35 were offered final admissions